Skilled software engineers

Mobile applications - iPhone/iPad and Android

We build native and HTML5 applications, as well as cloud-based APIs to support them.


Ruby development

We started as Ruby development company, and built dozens of apps with Rails. It helps us also today to create back-end code faster.


JavaScript and web front-end

We use client-side JavaScript frameworks (Ember and Angular) to deliver modern, snappy UI experience.


Our process

We work in Agile process based on Scrum methodology. This gives our clients freedom to decide and evolve their projects, and allows us to deliver reliable and verifiable estimates. When you come to us with your project, we will first work on your idea and create overall estimate for time and budget of the project. Our developers will deliver working modules of software in batches, and perform additional, detailed estimations for new and updated requirements.

Quality of work

We utilize automated and manual code testing and reviewing techniques. Our development process involves mandatory code reviews, Code Climate metrics checks, CI build system and automatic deployment only when all the tests pass green.


When you work with a team from AmberBit, it is your team, and you have direct and constant access to developers with various communication channels. We keep our HipChat or Slack chatroom open, use Hangouts or Skype for daily stand-up calls, planning and retrospective meetings. If you (or we) feel that some on-site work is needed, we are happy to organize that as well.


You have full access to Pivotal Tracker where we keep track of progress. Our staging systems operate 24/7 and build tools deploy updates several times per day for you to see. We are happy to give you access to the source code from the start, so you can review technical quality of our work. Our developers also keep track on time spent on each individual feature of the system, so you know who, when and for how long worked on your project.

Technology & architecture

We believe it is always important to choose the best tool for the job. We generally stick to Ruby on back-end and JavaScript or native applications on the client-side. However, we evaluate each case, and choose technology stack as it is needed. Our toolbox includes, but is not limited to: PostgreSQL and MySQL, Ruby, Objective-C, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular and Ember frameworks. Our engineers design architecture of the application and make sure it scales properly in the cloud or on dedicated hardware.


Our team is small but highly-skilled. We share an office and sort out problems, design application modules or discuss solutions in very old-fashioned offline, on-site ways. This helps us to utilize skills of our co-workers in cases when we need them very fast. AmberBit is, and will always be, a group of happy coders, that you can work with.

Selected projects


Web & mobile applications


Web application


Appartment booking platform/e-commerce


Web and mobile tutoring platform
Galeria studium

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