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Ruby on Rails web development

Agile Development

We build applications and services very fast. Your prototype will be built rapidly, and you get a working subset of your MVP at the end of each iteration.

Startup Consulting

Not sure if the idea can be implemented or how much does it cost to build it? We advise our clients at all stages of development. We do research, A/B testing and business model validation.

Reliable Deployment

Cloud or dedicated hardware, high-traffic or low-traffic, our engineers will find the best deployment scenario and implement it reliabily.

Maintenance and Growth

You are not left alone after you launch your app. We are here to help, resolve all issues or scale to handle increased traffic. We help to hire and train developers when you decide to build your own team.

TALK TO US about your idea. We will ask questions, have a brainstorm, make suggestions and provide realistic time and cost estimates.

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Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is our usual first choice. We don't, however, limit ourselves to MRI + RoR: we use Sinatra, JRuby, Rubinius, Torquebox, Unicorn and Puma. Yes, Puma and Unicorn are real names.



We can't live without some classless, prototype-based object-oriented love. Well, we could, but where would the fun go? We adore Angular, flirt with Node and had our ups and downs with jQuery and Backbone.



We store relational data in PostgreSQL, events in ElasticSearch, cache in Redis. We mix and match those to produce perfect blend of reliability and scalability. One tool will rarely do the job.



We build iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android applications. Native or HTML5. By keeping development of front-end and back-end in one place, we can increase productivity and reduce costs.

We write tests first as part of problem solving process and run tests often to ensure quality of the software

About us

Company was established in 2008 by Wojciech Piekutowski. A year later, Hubert Łępicki joined as a partner, and the journey started. Ever since, we've been growing in size and experience, facing new challenges along the way. It's been great fun so far!

Our vision

We are passionate about building new tools and services for our clients. There is nothing more exciting than to watch a startup succeed. We want to be part of it, and we can help by developing great software.

Our experience

Social-networking applications, e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, web widgets and CMS pages - we built those many times already. But we are always looking to explore unexplored, deliver new, exciting projects that are pushing boundaries of technology.


Wojciech Piekutowski owner and developer


Hubert Łępicki owner and developer


Kamil Bielawski developer


Paweł Sobolewski developer


Bartłomiej Skwira developer

Iryna Koroliuk developer


Kamil Dziemianowicz developer


Dominika Mips developer

Kamil Sutuła office manager


Rafał Maksymczuk developer


Marcin Nieborak developer