Wojciech Piekutowski

Wojtek is the founding father of AmberBit. He currently enjoys reading and writing Elm, Ruby and Elixir code.

Hubert Łępicki

Hubert is partner at AmberBit. Rails, Elixir and functional programming are his areas of expertise.

Paweł Sobolewski

Paweł works at AmberBit since spring of 2005. He works with range of technologies spanning from Ruby and JavaScript to Elixir.

Kamil Bielawski

Kamil has been working with AmberBit since 2012, and is an expert on JavaScript and Ruby, recently working with Elixir code as well.

Kamil Dziemianowicz

Kamil, long-term employee of AmberBit (joined 2012), is a full stack developer (Ruby, JavaScript).

Rafał Maksymczuk

Rafał enjoys a range of technologies (Ruby, JavaScript), and has been working with us since 2013.

Marcin Nieborak

Marcin joined our team in 2013. He specializes in Ruby, JavaScript and Elixir.

Dominika Stefańska

Dominika, who works with AmberBit since 2014, has been working with both: Ruby and Elixir.

Aneta Bielska

Aneta joined the team in 2014. She writes mostly Ruby on Rails and some Elixir code for our clients.

Konrad Piekutowski

Konrad has been working with AmberBit since beginning of 2016, but his experience and expertise involves Ruby, Elixir and JavaScript.

Ilona Koda

Ilona, who joined AmberBit in 2016, worked with range of front-end technologies in JavaScript and Elm, as well as wrote some server-side Elixir code.

Adrianna Wiszowata

Adrianna specializes in Elixir and has been focusing on this stack since she joined our team in 2016

Justyna Piekutowska

Justyna writes Ruby, Elm and JavaScript code for our clients since 2016

Jan Gromko

Janek specializes in server-side Elixir work, and was working with us since summer 2017

Mateusz Bielawski

Mateusz, who joined AmberBit in 2017, writes Elixir for our clients ever since

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