We started our agency with Ruby and Rails

AmberBit started as a Ruby on Rails web development shop back in a v1.2 days. Company was established in 2008 by Wojciech Piekutowski. A year later, Hubert Łępicki joined as a partner, and the journey started.

We have evolved with Ruby and Rails

Our company changed over the years. From two-people team, we reached dozen of prgrammers and are still growing. We got our share of failures and successes, and you can benefit now from the experience we have gained over the years.

In the days of JavaScript taking over the world, we have also took a jump into that area. Ruby on Rails is more and more often serving us as a back-end, an API endpoint to JavaScript front-ends or mobile applications we are developing, but it is still a solid platform we love to work with.

We have been giving back to the community

Github account of AmberBit clearly shows how much we have been contributing back to the community. We have worked on numerous free and open source web applications and libraries (including Rails itself), held hackatons, organized internships and meetings of local Ruby user group.