We are JavaScript developers

JavaScript is no longer a tool to bind simple callbacks to UI events. It evolved to serve purpose of developing much more complicated applications than what it was originally designed for. Many of applications we have developed in recent years have more JavaScript (or CoffeeScript to that matter) lines of code than Ruby in them.

We write better JavaScript

Thanks to both AngularJS and Ember JavaScript is no longer a mess of callback hell. Advanced frameworks allow us to build snappier, more intuitive and user-friendly applications faster. More importantly, resulting code is much more maintainable and easy to update or scale.

We combine JavaScript with other technologies

AmberBit started as a Ruby on Rails web developemnt company, and we still use Ruby and it's great web frameworks to deliver complex back-end and front-end solutions. While we adore Node.js for small, fast, parts of JavaScript code on the server-side, we still think Ruby on Rails is better choice for larger, more robust APIs.

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